Board of Directors

CREW-LA is managed by a Board of Directors who work together to set and accomplish the chapter’s strategic goals as detail in the five-year strategic plan.


Board Positions

The CREW Los Angeles leadership team encompasses a talented group of CRE professionals dedicated to the advancement of women in the commercial real estate industry. To become a chapter leader, involvement in a committee is critical. It allows you to meet fellow CREW Los Angeles and CREW Network members, build your network of relationships, learn about local and national CRE industry trends, and understand how CREW Los Angeles contributes to the future of women in commercial real estate. Below are CREW Los Angeles' board positions. Each is a two-year term, except the President role, which has a three-year term. Along with the coordinating committees, each board function contributes to our chapter’s vitality and overall success.

The President-Elect, President and Immediate Past President shall each serve one-year terms, totaling three years. The other Directors shall each serve two-year terms, which shall be staggered terms. Membership on the Board of Directors shall be limited to six years in succession (or up to seven consecutive years if three of those years are in the capacities of President-Elect, President and Immediate Past President).



Larisa J. Forester, CPSM, Associate AIA

Client Strategies Director, Staples Construction
(805) 658-8786


Lexi Moriarty
Director, Axia Real Estate Advisors, LLC
(310) 695-5058

Past President

Misty Ponce, PE
Principal, National Client Manager,
Partner Engineering and Science, Inc.
(818) 337-1203


Clarissa Chiang, MBA
Director, Growth Strategy, Cumming
(213) 405-0686


Peggy Wei
Managing Director, Transaction Management
Sterling Organization
(323) 289-6342

Director of Sponsorship

Jaclyn Jeanette Mason

Director of Marketing, Coastal Pacific Construction
(949) 295-4570

Director of Membership Recruitment

Sarah Hazani

Investment Analyst,
QIC Global Real Estate
(424) 321-5905

Director of Membership Retention

hung Mong Ho
Business Development

Director of Programs

Amanda Chandler

Global Account Manager, HNI Corporation
(224) 361-6853


Larisa J. Forester, CPSM, Associate AIA
Client Strategies Director, Staples Construction
(805) 658-8786

Director of Communications

In Transition



Lexi Moriarty
Director, Axia Real Estate Advisors, LLC
(310) 695-5058


Reasons to Serve

Serving on the CREW-LA Board of Directors is a unique opportunity for leadership and networking among other ambitious men and women working in the commercial real estate field. Full details »
  • Increased visibility within the CRE industry
  • Leadership skills and experience that benefit you and your company
  • Impact on the future of women in Commercial Real Estate
  • Expanded professional connections
  • Opportunity to influence direction of CREW-LA

Time Commitment

Board members are required to attend monthly board meetings and all chapter events. Board members are asked to attend as many CREW Network events as possible, throughout the year. CREW Network hosts national events three times per year, in various locations. Board members will establish the monthly committee meetings as required


Board Members are required to pay for chapter events and CREW Network Events. Board Members who are also Delegates, receive comp’d registration and travel for CREW Network Delegate Sessions, held three times per year, in various locations.

Eligibility / Qualifications

Full Active, Associate and Candidate Members are eligible to serve on the Board of Directors. It is recommended they have served on a committee in the past or have been a member for at least one (1) year. Full details »

Past Presidents

We owe an incredible amount of gratitude to the founding members of CREW-LA and the amazing Presidents whom have guided our organization over the years.

Corby Gage (founding member) 1984-1985
Laine Denslow (founding member) 1985-1986
Joanne Williams (founding member) 1986-1987
Adrienne Dabah (founding member) 1987-1988
Denise Anthony (founding member) 1988-1989
Ann Neidlinger (founding member) 1989-1990
Sherry Lake (founding member) 1990-1991
Dana Yates Traversi (founding member) 1991-1992
Lisa Quateman 1992-1993
Kathe Rodgers 1993-1994
Faith Backus 1994-1995
Jennie Redner 1995-1996
Susan Casamassima 1996-1997 & 1997-1998
Susan Goodman Byron 1998-1999
Denise Anthony 1999-2000 & 2000-2001
Sonia Ransom 2001-2002 & 2002-2003
Denise Bickerstaff 2003-2004
Minda Johnstone 2004-2005
Letty Bierschenk (founding member) 2005-2006
Gina Guarino Eskow 2006-2007
Dani Evanson 2007-2008
Kim Kearny 2008-2009
Tori Robinson 2009-2010
Jennifer Hafner 2010-2011
Susan Barlich 2011-2012
Trudi Lessor 2012-2013
Joyce Soriano-McDowell 2013-2014
Shireen Enayati 2014-2015
Crystal Fiedler 2015-2016
Fiona McCarthy 2016-2017
Anita Cerda 2017-2018
Mann Bolurchi 2018-2019
Timothy Kidd 2019-2020
Misty Ponce 2020-2021