Boost your leadership skills and expand your network by being part of a CREW-LA’s Committees. Committee members learn about the operations of CREW-LA, connect with other dedicated members, and gain the valuable experience needed for future leadership positions within CREW-LA.

Committee Positions

There are Chair, Co-Chair positions and individual committee positions for CREW-LA Committees. All CREW-LA members are welcome to explore the opportunity of committee service.

Contact CREW-LA President, Timothy Kidd

Membership Committee

Manages and strengthens the chapter’s membership. Identifies and targets prospective members, monitors membership roster, updates member’s information, encourages engagement, and submits eligible membership applications to the Board.

Director of Membership Recruitment, Misty Ponce and Director of Membership Retention, Larisa Forester

Sponsorship Committee

Solicits funding and support annually from CRE partners who would benefit from exposure to the CREW-LA audience. Committee members ensure the selected benefits are attributed properly based on the sponsors’ designations.

Director of Sponsorship, Jaclyn Mason

Programs Committee

Develops and executes monthly educational and networking events throughout Los Angeles. Committee identifies program topics, speakers and venues that reflect the latest in commercial real estate trends, education, and advancing career success.

Director of Programs, Vicki Nakamura

Communications Committee

Raises visibility and spreads the word regarding CREW-LA, its events, members and benefits! This committee is tasked with creating industry buzz and visibility for CREW-LA, by promoting our events, members, and topics of interest on our website, newsletter, and social media channels.

Director of Communications, Stephanie Malayil