Competitive Negotiation Workshop with Lee Jay Berman

Date February 16, 2022
Location Herman Miller
Time 8:00 am to 12:00 pm(PST)
2022-02-16 08:00:00 2022-02-16 12:00:00 CREW-LA Competitive Negotiation Workshop Competitive Negotiation Workshop with Lee Jay Berman Herman Miller

Competitive Negotiation Workshop
How to Negotiate YOUR Way - Using Your Natural Personality Strengths to Win

This competitive negotiation workshop with Lee Jay Berman will help you learn how to combine the science and strategy of successful negotiations with your own unique personality strengths and capitalize on the professional development and industry knowledge you’ve built throughout the year. 


Most people negotiate in a way that's consistent with their personality. This fact bears out repeatedly in tests conducted by us over the past 10 years. People who think of themselves as nice people approach negotiation in a collaborative way that makes everyone happy, and they often give away too much value. People who think of themselves as competitive people negotiate in a way where they can feel as though they have won, and relationships suffer because nobody ever wants to do another deal with them, or they fail to reach a deal at all. These approaches can also become predictable, making them vulnerable to exploitation. There is a science and a strategy to negotiation, no matter what you're negotiating.
Lee Jay Berman
Mediator, Executive Coach and Trainer
The Mediation Offices of Lee Jay Berman

Together, we will use game theory (yes, we will play games!), lecture, and interactive discussion to learn the theory, techniques, and skills to win at competitive negotiation.

Herman Miller Showroom
3641 Holdrege Ave #100
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Light Breakfast + Coffee Provided

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Members $100
Non-Members $200