Benefits and Qualifications

CREW Los Angeles and CREW Network are committed to leading change. We accomplish this by strategically building our network of professionals, to provide members with:

  • The strongest business connections available
  • Targeted training to create strong industry leaders
  • Critical tools to support strong chapters
  • A strong CREW brand to promote the professional excellence of CREW members
By joining CREW Los Angeles and the entirety of CREW Network, you are advancing your career and supporting the success of women in commercial real estate.

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Benefits of being a CREW Los Angeles Member:

  1. Superior business development networking opportunities with a select group of multi-disciplined commercial real estate professionals
  2. The ONLY association dedicated to advancing and supporting the achievements of women in commercial real estate
  3. Exclusive access to industry research studies
  4. Invitations to exclusive member-only events
  5. Leadership training & mentoring opportunities
  6. Opportunity to contribute to local scholarship efforts, internships and other programs
  7. Eligibility for Board membership and committee positions
  8. Exclusive access to, and inclusion in, the CREWbiz proprietary business networking platform, which provides members the opportunity to promote their expertise to more than 11,000 CREW Network members across North America, Canada and the UK
  9. Promotion of CREW Network organization and its members, in industry journals and publications, to increase support and awareness of CREW chapters and members
  10. Insider information on best practices of chapters and members through member-to-member networking, board-hosted calls and chapter playbooks

Membership Level / Dues Amounts
Membership levels are based on career experience in a qualified fields of commercial real estate (QFCRE). We encourage industry professionals of all levels to experience the value of a CREW Los Angeles membership.

Annual dues amounts are for the entire calendar year. Dues amounts noted “After 7/1” apply for members joining after 7/1 for the remainder of the calendar year. All memberships expire on December 31st. Memberships in CREW Los Angeles are individual (vs. corporate) and are approved based on the individuals' experience and expertise, therefore memberships are not transferrable. Membership dues are non-refundable. Current members may renew at a discounted rate of $390 before 1/15.

  • Full Active Member: Annual Dues $425.00 (Dues after 7/1 = $250.00): "Full Active Member" shall be defined as any individual actively and currently employed for at least five (5) years in commercial real estate or a "qualified field of commercial real estate" and employed full time in a professional position, the primary responsibilities of which are in a "qualified field of commercial real estate". A "qualified field of commercial real estate" shall include any of the fields noted in “Industry Specialty” below. For the purposes of the foregoing, the term "commercial real estate" shall mean income producing real property and real property held for investment. Services rendered in connection with the sale or transfer of individual residential units shall not be considered to relate to commercial real estate but instead shall be considered to relate to residential real estate.
  • Associate Member: Annual Dues $360.00 (Dues after 7/1 = $220.00): "Associate Member" shall meet the same qualifications as a Full Active Member, but shall be actively and currently employed in commercial real estate or a qualified field of commercial real estate for less than five (5) consecutive years, immediately preceding the date such Associate Member is admitted.
  • Affiliate Member: Annual Dues $1,030.00 (Dues after 7/1 = $892.00): "Affiliate Member" shall be employed full time in a position, the primary professional responsibilities of which relate to, benefit or support commercial real estate and supplies a service or physical product related to commercial real estate, including but not limited to roofing, carpeting, landscaping, painting, furniture fields, or such other related fields as the Board of Directors may determine from time to time. The number of years that an Affiliate Member is active in such profession is not a factor in determining qualifications within this class of membership.
  • Student - Graduate Member: Annual Dues $210.00 Student - Undergraduate: Annual Dues $120.00:  "Student Member" shall be enrolled full time in an undergraduate college or university program, pursuing educational goals intended to lead to a career in a commercial real estate field.
  • Retired Member: Annual Dues $160.00 :"Retired Member" shall be a Full Active Member who is no longer working full time, but who wants to remain involved in the Corporation and connected to its members.
  • Civic Member (by invitation only, contact Director of Membership Recruitment, for inquiries) – Annual Dues $330.00

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For more information or questions regarding membership:
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